All-weather crossing

Footbridge at Whananaki Inlet, Northland, New Zealand. Image: Su Leslie 2019

The 400 metre bridge across the Whananaki Inlet was built by the local community so that children living on the south side of the river could attend school, which is on the north side.

Prior to the bridge, children were rowed across the inlet by one of the teachers — not much fun in bad weather. The alternative is a 12 kilometre each way road-trip.

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33 thoughts on “All-weather crossing

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    • Thanks Ju-Lyn. In NZ over the last few years, weโ€™ve had some quite major bits of infrastructure destroyed by earthquakes and floods and landslides, so I think Iโ€™ve finally begun to appreciate how easy it is for me to get around in my day to day life (apart from the traffic of course).


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