On the bright side …


Raindrop on manuka flower. Image: Su Leslie 2019

The first six months of 2019 were the driest on record in Auckland, and now August is looking like being the wettest — with rain on 19 of 23 days, and more to come.

I’ve stopped worrying about parched soil and the water level in our tank, but I think I might need some taller gumboots (wellies, rain boots, Regenstiefel, botas de lluvia; whatever they’re called in your part of the world).

And of course raindrops on flower petals are rather pretty.


Manuka flower. Image: Su Leslie 2019


Manuka flower. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Friday Flowers

29 thoughts on “On the bright side …

  1. It having been so dry for so long sounds a lot like Germany these days… it troubles me to think about it for too long though. It was fun to read a German word in your post – and Spanish too! πŸ˜„ I’m not quite sure though most Spanish people in the south know what rain is. πŸ˜‰ In Andalusia it rains for about 2 or 3 weeks throughout the year!

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