To be a pebble


“A rock, a large piece of rock weathers off a cliff and dives deep into a pool of gushing water. Back washed, It journeys roughly and knocks off other rocks, smashing through the waves as it loses itself in scattered pieces except for its core. That core travels far and wide, it coarsely gets ground by gravel pieces smaller than itself and bullied by boulders all of which it bears up as it withstands the pressure of a distant journey off the shore. At some point, it gets dry and it encounters mud, it gets smeared dirty but the mud doesn’t stick, the rain washes of the mud and it rolls off into the sand. It dances in the sand and dives into the bottom of the waves.

Rising like a phoenix through the ashes, it emerges polished, looking more beautiful than it did when it got edged of the cliff. It rises a pebble, smooth and sleek. Coveted by rocks starting their dive.

To be a pebble you have to run the turbulent tidal race.”
Victor Manan Nyambala, (article from LinkedIn profile)


Ragtag Daily Prompt | pebble

27 thoughts on “To be a pebble

  1. This is lovely. And, since it is National Poetry Day, I will add my little pebble to the pile. I found this in my Facebook archives yesterday. I adore this poem. How happy is the little Stone
    That rambles in the Road alone,
    And doesn’t care about Careers
    And Exigencies never fears —
    Whose Coat of elemental Brown
    A passing Universe put on,
    And independent as the Sun
    Associates or glows alone,
    Fulfilling absolute Decree
    In casual simplicity — Emily Dickinson

    Also of interest today is the appointment of the new NZ Poet Laureate, David Eggleton. I don’t know his work. Do you?

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