32 thoughts on “Window into the owner’s mind

  1. Thanks for giving us an amusing window, Su. I’m sure many customers would be very glad to be told that. My sister is going through a major house renovation at the moment and I know she gets to the point where she has no idea what she wants, having looked at so many taps, tiles, windows, doors, cupboards, floors, ……..

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  2. Hmmm… I am happy to wallow in my ‘pathetically unclear and dismally vague notion of what I want’… It’s comfortable, changes with the wind and the temperature of the air… I am definitely not looking for accuracy.


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    • Absolutely 😂😂 Text as image!

      I was thinking the other day how much text has become image. I pretty much only use my phone camera as an alternative to writing things down— packaging, so I buy the right thing when I’m shopping; price tags; recipes; even the shopping lists we invariably have scattered around can be snapped as one image — the mega-list?

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        • It started as a way of remembering details and prices when I was doing comparative shopping. Then I started photographing the labels of things I needed so I’d buy the right size/gauge/whatever. I always have my phone with me, and I notorious for forgetting/losing shopping lists.

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