Before and after

Sunlight on flax. Image: Su Leslie 2019

The source photo for my experiment in “psychedelic” colour editing.

25 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. Su – such contrast – it does not even seem like the same image.
    I know we see congrats a lot – but this really is so different
    one feels calm and all nature green
    and the other is like party time
    and well, um, psychedelic – ha

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  2. Both fab images. The colour one is excellent. I’d even have that on the wall and I am not a huge fan of abstract art. This of course is based on nature, maybe that makes a difference. Well done you for a) spotting the lovely patterns in the first place and b) visualising it using different edits.

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    • Thanks Jude. As you probably know, the Bush here is absolutely full of ferns, and I’m increasingly entranced by the patterns and shapes the make. This was one of the few non-macro photos I took that seemed to do them justice. My composition is usually a bit off or something. 🀨

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