Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book.

Perhaps I’m just looking for an excuse, but when I hear the word “volume” I think first of books.

It’s a shame the phrase “a slim volume” so often has negative connotations of insubstantial work by little-known authors, because it’s really perfect for Alan Bennett’s wonderful, short but very substantial, novel in praise of libraries and reading.

Volume is Debbie’s choice for this week’s One Word Sunday. So tear yourself away from whatever you’re reading and visit her post.

59 thoughts on “Volume

  1. I adore Alan Bennett’s writing and I love this book. Have the same chair too. And agree with the maybe possible misunderstanding of slim volume, although in my case, I see it rather for ´small’ but precious (interesting, maybe designs, different, deep) content. Happy Sunday

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  2. I need to expand my thinking a bit. I would not have thought of book and volume together. When I hear ‘slim volume’ that is an enticement to me, so I was happy to hear that this slim volume was so enjoyable.

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  3. I love Alan Bennett, and have this book too – though in a less handsome edition than yours. I love everything everyone else has mentioned, plus his Talking Heads on TV which were absolute masterpieces of poignancy. There were some good documentaries about him a few years ago too. If there’s anything better than reading him it’s listening to him, which I could do for ever. That warm, Yorkshire voice – a true national treasure.

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    • 😀😀
      I thought measuring jug (I’m a baker rather than a chemist), but didn’t think I could make a good image from that.
      Any connection to Maggie Smith would be something to dine out on!! One of my Uni tutors went on to become NZ first elected woman PM, but as a few of my friends regularly dine with her husband, it’s not much of a claim to fame.

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