20 thoughts on “Almost wish I was travelling tonight

  1. It’s a fantastic building, historically, one of my favourites anywhere in New Zealand… and a fab photo! Thanks for sharing. Personally I think NZ rail travel is great but too risky to rely on – just last Thursday I ended up waiting inside that station for the trains to come right after the entire national signalling network mysteriously failed, suddenly and all at once, causing about six hours of chaos on the Wellington commuter network. One might blame ‘software updates’ in the immediate, but more fundamentally I suspect the railway network has never recovered from the brutal ‘Rogernomics’ and ‘Ruthenasia’ policies of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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    • I totally agree: and rail isn’t all that was gutted.
      I’ve lived in Auckland for most of my time in NZ and never really been a train user, but talking to older people has made me realise just how amazing the country’s rail network once was.
      An ex of mine is a civil engineer and so I know more about the Raurimu Spiral and the old Mangaweka Viaduct than is possibly healthy 😂😂

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  2. Such a beautiful building and atmosphere! I especially love the warm light, around here they always use this blue white light in public buildings and stations which makes you look like a zombie. Supposedly its purpose is to discourage drug use but how that’s going to work I don’t know.

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