Shelter once, and perhaps again

Image: Su Leslie 2019

Nothing left but the facade. Heritage buildings in Cuba Street, Wellington, NZ undergoing redevelopment in the wake of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

Image: Su Leslie 2019

Retail and apartment living; redeveloping heritage buildings in Wellington’s Cuba Street.

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31 thoughts on “Shelter once, and perhaps again

    • Like so many buildings, it was weakened by the 2016 earthquake. After the terrible death toll in the 2012 Christchurch earthquakes, our government has mandated a much stricter building code.


  1. Oh I’m so glad they’re keeping the facade! As the older “Auto Row” area of Oakland that I live in is being converted to apartments, the city of Oakland has required that the builders keep the 100+ year old facades. Thank heavens!!

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    • It is kinda weird to see buildings sliced through like this. A condition of the new-build is that the old facades have to be preserved, so it won’t be quite the same, but at least some of the building’s character will remain.

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      • yes – that is win win… I guess
        and we rented this expensive “old” home in San Jose and the homeowner wanted to tear it ALL down – but the city was challenging her because it was historic – and I think she was trying to work it out where they could tear down mist and save the front (something like this)
        and side note – this post led me to go and whip up my Thursday doors post for this week – we have an area near us where they are building all these new structures (gentrification) and not sure how everyone feels about it.


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  4. it is nice to visit your blog, but I needed a prompt now I am not posting on Jacks jottings.
    Your liking my comment on Pauline’s post was my prompt.
    I like your header ” Age is just a biggish number.” I am prompted to add, and getting bigger.

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