Pea, mint and feta fritters with roasted asparagus. Image: Su Leslie

If I seem even more food-obsessed than usual this weekend, it’s partly because I had some sort of gastric bug earlier in the week and couldn’t eat for a couple of days; but mostly because I am feeling incredibly lucky and grateful to actually have food.

The more I read about the climate catastrophe engulfing the planet, the collapse of eco-systems and the horrendous loss of species after species, the more I wonder how much longer I can take for granted the means to produce even simple, vegetarian meals like these fritters and asparagus.

The generation I was born into the tail-end of has often been called “the lucky generation”, but I fear if we don’t all make radical changes very soon, our luck will run out.

One Word Sunday | luck

And yes, it’s not a one-word post, but the prompt for a rant on something about which I feel very strongly.

33 thoughts on “Luck

  1. I have such heartache when I read about this. We have known for so many years what was happening and what was going to happen. And we have done almost nothing to stop it. I fear for the world that my grandchildren will inherit and pass on to their children.

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  2. I get it, Su. I think this is why I try to use every last bit of food I have–no tossing in the bin because I have let it get past its prime. I seem to be more conscious of this than ever. Don’t know that it helps the world, but it helps me.

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    • I’m exactly the same. The green sauce on that plate was made with (and because of) a bag of coriander that was lurking in the fridge looking more and more like compost bin material. I did have to pick through it a bit, but mostly the leaves were great and made good sauce (with some chillies from last years’ crop that were in the freezer ….)
      You get the picture.

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  3. I would SO love your veggie meal, and I envy you the possibility of eating green asparagus NOW. They have such a short season, I also love peas, feta, well everything you have on your plate. And you’re SO RIGHT (sadly) with your rant. I feel deeply sorry for our children and their children. What a horrible world are we leaving them? It doesn’t bear to think too much about it or my Sunday evening is spoilt.

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