17 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. I hardly like anything more than aquilegia (colombines) but I also deeply πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ resent that they have such a difficult, unpronouncable name. In German they’re called Akelei, so much easier…. A beauty, that one!

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  2. Love the bokeh on this photo. I have tried growing Aquilegia from seed, unsuccessfully, but recently planted two young plants which I hope will survive the winter and reward me in spring. One is white like this.

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    • That’s interesting. I’ve been looking at buying seeds from heritage Aquilegia for next autumn. I saw lots of these lovely white flowers at a Tupare in New Plymouth, which is an old house with heritage planting, and really loved the way they worked within the whole garden. I’ll let you know how my attempts with seeds work out.


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