Looking for a little personal space


Gannet colony; Muriwai New Zealand. Su Leslie 2017

“The crowd intimidates me, its breath suffocates me. I feel paralysed by its curious look, and the unknown faces make me dumb.” — Frederic Chopin

I suspect that if there is, somewhere, a photo of me in a crowd, I would be the embodiment of Chopin’s words. As far as I know, there isn’t.

But I wonder; could introversion ever be a character trait in gannets?

Given their highly communal breeding and chick-rearing habits, it’s not a trait that I’d wish on them.

In response to Debbie’s Quotation-inspired challenge at Travel with Intent

16 thoughts on “Looking for a little personal space

  1. ha! What strikes me here is how totally colour-adapted the gannet is with its surroundings. And only yesterday, I ‘buried’ (deleted) a bunch of similar photos I took of gannets at Lake Zurich, Switzerland – they ‘melted’ so well into their surroundings, a pebble & stone covered stretch of ground, that I could hardly make them out!
    For people like you, two is a crowd!

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  2. I think these colony birds are pretty tough and used to it. Also there’s safety in numbers and if a fox or other predator came to look for the eggs or chicks it would mean that just a few need to be sacrificed.

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