“… taken in wine is good for melancholy”


Buckwheat flower (fagopyrum esculentum). Image: Su Leslie 2019

According to Culpepper’s English Physician and Complete Herbal, buckwheat also  “provoketh urine, increaseth milk, and looseneth the belly.”

And to think, I just planted it to attract the bees.

Friday Flowers

25 thoughts on ““… taken in wine is good for melancholy”

  1. What a sweet little flower – and a lovely photograph. And yes, as with Hannah above, I’m interested in how you so discreetly sign your ownership of the pic. Doesn’t interfere at all, unlike many.

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    • I hadn’t seen the plant before either. I like the grain (well, seed actually) toasted as a breakfast cereal. Haven’t tried buckwheat tea, but I expect I could buy it at one of the Korean grocery stores here.

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