25 thoughts on “More soft pinks

  1. It’s absolutely tragic Su. I feel like crying every time the news comes on. I feel so helpless! But these are beautiful flowers – at first I though they are spoon daisies (South African Osteospermums) but the centre is all wrong. I had a search and I think they must be some kind of spoon chrysanthemum. Never seen anything like it, but they are seriously pretty. Thanks for brightening my day xx

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    • Thank you Jude. I know how you feel; I’m sadder and more scared by the day.
      I’m dealing with it by trying to focus on the small pleasures and things of beauty, and doing what I can to at least not make the world a worse place.
      The flowers are chrysanthemums — a Christmas gift from my dad and stepmother.


      • What a lovely gift. I must look out for them. And you are right to focus on the beauty around us. God knows what’s going to happen now with Trump playing his recent card. I grew up with the threat of the Cold War and now it feels like a real possibility again.


  2. Su, it’s staggering that the Australian government continues to ignore the devastation and link to the climate. The climate emergency will take all of us to act, even with the smallest of actions. Wishes to your family and you and all of us for 2020 to be the year that awakens everyone.


  3. The flowers are beautiful Su – and the fires are tragic. Here in the states they’re on our news every day and it just seems to get worse and worse. Are thoughts are with all of those affected. Hoping the rains come soon.

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    • I’m worried too: not only for life in Australia, but here too. Ash has been blowing across the Tasman for a while now and settling on the South Island’s glaciers — speeding up their melting.
      Our skies have been hazy and tainted for days, and since mid-afternoon today, they have turned orange. It’s so dark, we have the lights on. Normally at this time of year, we wouldn’t need electric lighting until after 8pm. It is seriously creepy.


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