31 thoughts on “A study in orange

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  2. They look so ‘untouched’ (in French it’s retouché…. re-touched!) – but then I love calendulas anyway. Just tell me: Where are the other two?
    Have a beautiful day, here it’s late evening.

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    • It’s fun, and I’m finally figuring out how to actually use it rather than randomly shooting and hoping for the best, but there are also apps which do multiple exposures.
      But having a new camera is always exciting and inspiring 😀


  3. Oh these are marvelous, Su! They are perfectly framed, the background is soft, and the calendulas are perfectly placed. The whole thing is exquisite!

    I’m taking a 4 hour class this Saturday on my new OM-D camera from an Olympus rep, so hopefully I’ll learn how to do multiple exposures!

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      • Well I at least now have a basic understanding of the programming and think I now can look info up in the frustrating downloaded manual. And I had the opportunity to change several settings right there in class such as a faster shutter speed setting instead of the default settings. And I’m much more familiar with how the software is programmed.

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