37 thoughts on “Hanging out at the photo laundry

    • Isn’t it!! A Russian photographer’s brainchild apparently. I love how democratic it was. There were some photos obviously hung by professionals, complete with a business card, and some that were run off home printers. All were welcome so there weren’t the usual barriers to involvement.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this idea and think it’s brilliant! And you needn’t have worried about people interacting with your pics, I’m sure they were just as smitten as I am. 😍 Had I known of this exhibition (and lived just a tiny bit closer 😉) I’d have picked every single one of yours. 😄 I know – totally greedy but what can I do!?😂

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    • Two of them were mine. And I did notice that there were lots of shots of scenes/things I’ve photographed too — NZ’s a small country I guess 🤨
      I think it’s a great idea as well. It started in St Petersburg apparently, and Silo Park hosts a couple of them each year.


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