A short wander

It’s too hot to move much at the moment, but I was happy to take a short wander up the stairs to this Japanese tea house.

Shame there wasn’t a cup of tea waiting for me.

The tea house is a new addition to the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum, near Morrinsville, NZ. The park is privately owned, but open to the public to enjoy art in the beautiful setting of an old quarry that has been transformed into an arboretum.

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46 thoughts on “A short wander

  1. Having tea in a tea house is what you’d normally expect, isn’t it? But then, it’s a privately owned place and I find it already extremely kind of the owners to let visitors in and ‘have a wander about and pausing at the tea house’….
    Had to laugh at your ‘it’s too hot’ phrase as I’m sitting here, huddled in my pyjamas & junky jumper, having tea and waiting (sort of) to have my shower afterwards…

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  2. Funny! Just before I came here, I read a post about Kyoto and climbing Mt Inari that included a photo very, very close to yours of the staircase leading up to the tea house. I love it when interesting little coincidences like this happen 🙂

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