32 thoughts on “Kina shell

    • Thank you.
      I am slowly learning the language (Te Reo), and try to use Maori words where appropriate.
      It is one of our three official languages (along with English and sign language).
      Maori was banned in schools in the early days of European colonisation, and is only now seeing a revival.
      Apart from the moral and political reasons to learn It, the language has many words that express things so much more succinctly than English can.

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  1. I love the focus right in the middle of the shell as it blurs out to the sides as well as the back. The texture and muted colors are also wonderful!

    On a different note, Su, I have a question. I’ve noticed that your name has begun to appear more prominently in the photos. Have you had a problem with people copying your work?

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