Smells good, tastes good

Rosemary, thyme, Maldon sea salt. Ready to be dried and stored. Image: Su Leslie 2020

One of my brother in law’s exes first introduced me to homemade herb salt, and it seemed rather exotic at the time. In reality, it’s easy and fairly quick. The flavour combinations are, if not endless, then extensive. Rosemary and thyme appeals at the moment as both are abundant in my garden. And both are wonderfully aromatic.

Ragtag Daily Prompt | aromatic

37 thoughts on “Smells good, tastes good

  1. Su, what amazes and delights me here is that you use Maldon sea salt! It’s my all-time favourite and having here (in France) easy access to the ‘local sea salts’ I still hugely prefer (and buy when visiting UK) the Maldon. It is the very best…. It must be expensive in NZ though!

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  2. This is very inspiring and enlightening. I love ❤️ it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️. It’s a great honor to be in your blog. I will turn follow and turn on your notifications so I don’t miss any of your posts. 😊😊


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