With regret …

I’d been looking forward to inviting you all to my next virtual tea party, but I have a cold. So instead of baking goodies and tasting teas, I’m on the couch with a hot lemon drink, a box of tissues and stack of food magazines.

I may not be able to taste anything, but I can still look at the pictures.

Oh well, I’ll try again next Tuesday. Hope you can join me.

77 thoughts on “With regret …

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  2. I raise a cup in your honor. I’m celebrating NOT catching my son’s case of flu. He was felled for a week. It was the best week of sleep I got because the cold medicine knocked him totally unconscious! I will hope your cold medicine does the same for you! Until then, snuggle deep and dream of hot tea and crisp biscuits in your future.

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  3. Eeks! Hope you feel better soon.
    I was just reading up on Still Life Photography this morning and had an Aha! moment when I opened your post. You take lovely and communicative Still Lifes! I am progressing with Food & Found Objects, but I have a long way to go with the intentionality that goes with composing a still life. Ah well! all part of the learning process.
    Looking forward to the Tea Party next week!

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    • Thanks Ju-Lyn. Me too. I have so many “sweet treat” ideas, I don’t know where to start. T has offered to be my advance taster — so noble!
      I love still-life photography but composing shots drives me crazy. I have got better at thinking them through (not putting too much in the frame, composition, etc), but I still look at them and wonder why I didn’t see obvious things that make me go back and shoot it all again. Sigh.


  4. I have a huge crush on that beautiful mug!! 😍 So sorry about the cold – get well soon!!! 💕💕 P.S. Does granola count for your virtual tea party? I made some just now (pics in my instagram story of you’re curious 😉). xxx


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