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    • I’m the same; that’s why I made five tins (though I did give one away). The recipe is Sarah’s (Art Expedition). It’s at the bottom of the post that I linked to. Mine differs only in having vanilla flavour. I bought that from a specialist supplier and used according to their instructions.

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  1. I think you’ve posted the recipe before, Su, but would you post it again or a link to it? I have not made my own but I’ve been fortunate to find some good ones that work for me. Perhaps after the move I’ll have to try this.

    P. S. My rescheduled post is actually up today on the correct day. LOL.

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  2. Excellent notion on the lip balm. I’ve taken to making my own face cream – no particular recipe but mainly shea butter mashed up with some coconut oil and pomegranate oil plus added drops of frankincense essential oil. But then an addition of beeswax would be good too. Must remember it next time.

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    • I’ve been experimenting in that department too, though nothing has really worked as well as I’d like. I read that while people use beeswax as an emulsifier, it doesn’t really work that well and maybe isn’t great in a whole face cream. Sounds like what you’re doing is good; I love the idea of frankincense. I made beard oil for T scented with bergamot and frankincense. Sounds a bit hipster, but he says it makes his skin feel less dry and itchy and it smells fab.

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