21 thoughts on “The bees are back

  1. I have garlic chives, though only one flowered last year, I really must move them into a pot I think as the other plants in the bed seem to overshadow them. Another thing to pop on my list of things to do in the garden! I hope I see more bees this year too. Last year was a poor one. I did wake up a massive bumble bee the other day that must have been sleeping amongst my salad leaves – he was very furry and very noisy! Gave me quite a fright 😲

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  2. Encouraging, I also saw a few bees dining on naturalized crocuses. Our spring arrived really early. I also have garlic chives, but they will not flower until the end of the summer. But these chives are almost ready to snip for eating raw or in cooking. Love them.

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  3. Great photo. This will be of interest to all beekeepers as if you look closely there’s a varroa mite (small brown dot) on its back. There is a suggestion that they hop onto a flower and catch a ride back to another hive! They are a massive problem for bees over the last few years in the UK.


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