Getting ready

Preparation. Join me tomorrow for another virtual tea party and find out what I’ve got planned for these ingredients.

In January, when I posted the first monthly virtual afternoon tea, it just seemed like a nice excuse to bake a cake and share a few random thoughts with you.

I had no idea that within a few weeks millions of people would be living our lives in an increasingly virtual space; avoiding overseas travel, working from home, stock-piling loo paper (NOT GUILTY OF THAT ONE) and suddenly showering elderly relatives with the attention they have always deserved.

Self-isolation, social distancing, flattening the curve; phrases that meant little or nothing in January, have become not only part of our everyday speech, but principles guiding daily life.

Luckily, my local grocer has been spared panic-buying of baking ingredients, so I’m off to make a few treats to share with you tomorrow.

Hope you can join me. Face-masks NOT required, and virtual hugging positively encouraged.

41 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. Thank goodness for parties like these – otherwise I would be bereft!

    It is strange that just a month ago, Singapore was among the first few places to begin taking extreme measures. And now, countries from all over the world have followed suit. Not the kind of shared experience one would hope for though.

    Was chatting with Dad & Mom over dessert last night and he asked an interesting question: among the items that seem to be grabbed and stockpiled all over the world, Toilet Paper seems to be the one common item – we wondered why that might be.

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  2. Those of us who have built up a social community through blogging are luckier than most in this new reality of self-isolation …. and now we have virtual tea parties! Even when the world has become that much scarier, we have small pleasures to look forward to πŸ™‚

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  4. When you wrote this, I was still sitting in the car on our trip back to Switzerland, so I guess it should be about now that I can join you all for either a quick espresso or a big mug of Earl Grey tea…. a beautiful and inviting compo to this post. Cheers to you and your guests πŸ―β˜•πŸ₯§

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