37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I hope he has sufficient food to last him a while or friends who can drop provisions off for him at the gate! I am still going to have to go out for groceries as there are no delivery slots available from my local supermarkets. I just hope there is some food when I get there! Having to stay home for 12 weeks is going to be so hard. My son has to do that, a friend drops provisions off at the door, and he wears rubber gloves and wipes all packages down with antiseptic wipes. Trying times for all of us, but especially those over 65.

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    • Thanks Becky. His web presence is pretty minimal (something I think I can help him improve while we both have time). I’m sure we will have something similar to the vulnerable people register here, so thanks for the suggestion; I’ll follow it up

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  2. Twelve weeks of isolation is probably more realistic than the two weeks we are experiencing in the US! The two weeks are difficult enough, especially since the shutdown occurred rather suddenly, without much time for preparation either on the individual level or for the stores. Do what you can for your friend — but take care of yourself as you do so. I love the photo — the gate is so very metaphorical for this season of darkness and closure!

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  3. Thank you… I 3 Aunts who had farms and I was there during the summer for a few weeks. I loved it.It opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed. I was hard work but the perks were worth it. Fresh veggies,fruits and homemade jams. I love wordless wednesday

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