Sharing the delicious

Organic heirloom tomatoes, grown by a friend. The last we’ll see for a little while. Image: Su Leslie 2020

Day 1 (of the Aotearoa New Zealand Covid 19 lockdown)

I’ve baked bread, made herb salt (photos to come), watched seeds grow (truly — spinach germinates really quickly), and contemplated a bowl of tomatoes. Organically- grown heirloom varieties, they are the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.

A simple salad; rocket, cucumber, red onion and a perfect tomato with homemade sourdough focaccia. Image: Su Leslie 2020

I’ve been quite happy to potter round home today; I have plenty to do, enough food and I am well. But however agreeable my “bubble”, I can’t ignore the fact that isolation for so many people isn’t an easy and comfortable experience.

I’m aware of small things I can do now, but the real work will come later when we have the chance to re-imagine as well as rebuild our businesses and communities, and indeed our society.

Because everyone deserves a bowl of the most delicious tomatoes they’ve ever tasted.

44 thoughts on “Sharing the delicious

    • πŸ™‚ Come summer you can probably get heirloom variety seed and grow tomatoes in a pot. I guess your boy is probably a bit grown up to be that interested in gardening, but we started growing tomatoes when boy-child was very small so that he’d know that food comes from the ground, not the supermarket.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Su, that salad looks delicious and I’m sure does taste as good as it looks.
    LOTS of ads popping up all over your site this morning and I couldn’t put a like on without signing in, and I’ve forgotten my password.☹️. But I could comment…

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  2. Aren’t you a good girl for having a healthy lunch πŸ™‚ As long as we have a fresh supply I am happy. Luckily all those years of being a poor downtrodden youngster living in flats gave me the ability to make meals out of a few ingredients if need be. I am also pleased that I enjoy baking and cooking! I wish the damned supermarkets would still have specials and make available the flour once again!! So we can make our own bread. I was a bit late in stocking up on the flour.

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    • We must have had a similar youth Suzanne. I’m pretty adept at making something out of not very much too.
      I buy locally grown and milled flour in bulk and was really lucky – I’d ordered some just before all panic-buying started, so I won’t run out for a while. Not so sure about other things, but since I make sourdough we’ll survive as long as the flour and fresh water last.

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  3. Don’t know what went on earlier today Su. I see I have been called anonymous in the above comment. I had all sorts of problems this morning with WordPress but now seems ok and all those ads have disappeared

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  4. Just so lovely! And it’s good to hear, that you can keep yourself busy. πŸ˜€ I suspect many people are struggling with that. I admit that my bursts of energy are lessening a bit, and I find myself in the bed with a book or my phone most of the time… Your tomatoes look so delicious – well worth the waiting!

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