April 16th: save the date


It’s almost time for the next virtual tea-party. I’ve got the recipe books out and am looking for some yummy treats to share with you all.

I’ll post my afternoon tea next Thursday, April 16th (which will still be the 15th for lots of you, so you might have to treat it as breakfast), and I’m sure Del at Curls N Skirls will be sharing some deliciousness too.

Hope you can join us.



54 thoughts on “April 16th: save the date

  1. Count me in, again! This time I bring the *mature Blue Stilton*, a cheese we hardly ever found when visiting UK, being there in the wrong cheese season, I also bring another bottle of this amazing organic Chianti Riserva and a seed-rich loaf of warm bread… and pls reserve me your largest of your mugs for tea…. I shall bring a hunger bang, so that I can try ALL your goodies 👏🏻🥖🧀🍷

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  2. Well Su I actually did some baking last week. I can’t remember the last time I gave the oven a workout☕️🧀 banana and date loaf and rock cakes. But all gone now, Jack says I will have to bake some more. He lavished praise on my efforts to keep me encouraged!!! Stay well and keep baking…

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      • It’s so weird. I’ve been reading a chart trying to figure out the difference. According to the “New Zealand to Michigan Chart” if it is 8:30 am in New Zealand it is 4:30 pm of the previous day…

        So, if you meet on Thursday afternoon….say 1:00 pm, that is 9:00 pm here…I keep doing the math and it seems there is 16 hours between Eastern Standard Time and New Zealand (as a whole, I assume you have different time zones too.)

        I literally sat here counting it up on my fingers. I have such a hard time with…well…time. Which is ironic because my son lives for measurements of time. We are such different people he and I.

        Whenever you show up, I will likely be late anyway. It is in my nature. But, I will be there in spirit.

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