15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the comment, Su. Unfortunately it doesn’t show on my blog so I cannot even reply. This feels so rude. Like not sending a thank you note…. I have heard from other bloggers that they, too, are having all sorts of problems, not just with WP but with their iPhone, Messenger…..all things that I don’t have. It’s not just me so I guess whenever ‘it’ gets fixed, it will all be fixed. I hope.

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  2. Great photo and just shows how much beauty there can be in the lines of an everyday object. It looks comfy too, despite the missing bit!
    Reminds me that Rennie-Mackintosh designed a lot of furniture, including some fabulous chairs which are great to look at – but horribly uncomfortable!

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    • Hehe. The reason I decided to refurbish the chairs is that they weren’t all that comfy — having woven refuse seats. The “new improved” versions have more cushioning so we don’t leave our dinner guests needing chiropractic care after eating with us.
      I know what you mean about Rennie Mackintosh furniture — and his houses too apparently. Lovely to look at but madly impractical and not really fit for purpose 🙁


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