After the rain


Chrysanthemum. Image: Su Leslie 2020

It rained most of yesterday and into the night. I woke this morning to find my plants hung with sparkling raindrops.

There has been almost no rain in Auckland since last December, so every drop is very welcome.


Calendula. Image: Su Leslie 2020

The sun is shining now, but more rain is forecast, so there’s a wee happy dance going on at Casa Zimmerbitch.


Calendula. Image: Su Leslie 2020


Viola. Image; Su Leslie 2020


Viola. Image; Su Leslie 2020

This week’s Lens-Artists Challenge theme is “all wet.” It’s nice to have some new images to offer.


58 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. That’s a great blessing. I recall how we welcomed a few days of ‘regular’ rain last week after weeks and weeks of none….. and that is a rarity in Switzerland. I also am one to run out and capture the drops and sparkles on Mother Nature’s gifts…. They always make me think of jewellery. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I think of England as a country of gentle (but constant) mizzle! I was a bit surprised our flowers survived as well as they did since it was quite heavy. Wouldn’t mind more rain as the land is still pretty parched.


      • My part of England has had a weird, almost monsoon weather pattern for a few years now. Mild winter, then a very dry spring and early summer. Then an extremely wet july and august (in time for school hols) , then nice in september and early october. November and december are often extremely wet with bad flooding.

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        • Yep, definitely quite weird!
          I do remember some amazing thunderstorms during English summers. One in particular when we lived in Cambridge was amazing and caused mayhem. Beginning of school hols as I recall, and loads of tourists in town too.


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