Old thingamajig. Image: Su Leslie 2019

I love old machinery. Wheels, cogs, bolts and rust; it’s a dream to photograph.

I love words like flywheel, crankshaft and torque. But no matter how many times well-meaning mechanically minded friends have tried to explain transmission systems and gearing ratios, it’s still all geek to me. So I fall back on a communication system that relies heavily on lots of arm-waving, pleading looks and references to “like, you know the big round thingamajig that sits on the whatsit. You know, the one with the little doodads attached.”

You understand, don’t you?


Whatsit from a doohickey. Image: Su Leslie 2020


Detail of thingamy from whatchamcallit. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Ragtag Daily Prompt | thingamajig

41 thoughts on “Thingamajig

  1. I like the effect you put in on the right, that strip of sepia or whateveritscalled 😉
    Also, I like thingamajigs as well, knowing how things work, etc. I’m annoying on factory tours 😛

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  2. I hear you loud & clear. These words are particularly well used in my vocabulary. I even have one more: we call our mobile power bank (I just had to ask Loving Husband for the name) a BlurbBlurbBlurb because I can never remember.

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  3. Even though sexual stereotyping would insist that I should be a petrolhead and know the names for bits of machinery I am much the same as you. Words like ‘oojah’ and ‘wossname’ get used frequently.
    That said, I am irresistibly drawn to rusty old machinery, and not necessarily for photographic purposes. I think this might be a bloke thing.
    Fab photos!


  4. Totally understand, Su! 😉 Although it’s amazing how much vocabulary you can add once you start repairing things (like washing machines 😉). 😂 Such wonderful pictures too – rust is indeed very photogenic, maybe I should start taking pictures of my bike chain? 😂😂

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