26 thoughts on “Blue day glides into tangerine gloaming

  1. Hope you have managed to meet up with the boy child now! Lovely to get out and about again, in the safety of your own car. My family are too far away to meet up so nothing changes for us. Except that I am allowed to drive to a beach 😀

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    • Haven’t had a hug yet. He has been at work since we started Level 2. But we’ve managed a few appropriately socially distanced visits and I know he’s ok. It’s surprising how comforting that has been.
      I got to the Botanic Gardens at the weekend, and even more exciting — a DIY shop!!

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      • It’s a hard time for the youngsters. My grandchildren in Surrey are at a bit of a loose end at the moment. One should have taken A levels and the other her GCSEs this year. Now in limbo. No apprenticeships on offer and he didn’t fancy uni, and the younger one wondering if her college course is going ahead.

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        • That is really tough. My UK nieces and nephew are in the same situation. My boy has applied to defer this semester’s uni papers because the course had to be totally re-timetabled and he wouldn’t have been able to study and work. It means he won’t finish this year, but hopefully will at least get the good grades he’s been getting so far if he can defer. Our schools have been trying to offer online learning, but of course that disadvantages poorer kids who don’t have the same access to technology, good internet — even a space to study. And for some, no school has also meant no lunch. So many problems and inequalities laid bare by the virus. I hope your grandchildren get some clarity around their education at least very soon.

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