There was a loaf of bread


Sourdough loaf. Image: Su Leslie 2020

“Photographs are only able to speak in the past tense.”
Ryūji Miyamoto, photographer


Bit less sourdough loaf. Image; Su Leslie 2020

Posted to the weekly quotation challenge hosted by Debbie at Travel with Intent

25 thoughts on “There was a loaf of bread

    • Thanks Pauline.
      Neither; I knead the basic mix together which takes a couple of minutes than leave it for three hours, but a “fold and turn” every hour (every half hour for pizza dough). The gluten develops on its own with that much time. It takes longer this way, but involves almost no labour and with pretty consistent results.

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  1. Yum yum! (I know I’m repeating myself but it’s YOUR fault 😉) Imagine – I got 3 kilos of rye flour this week!!! Finally my sourdough starter can awake from its beauty sleep. 😄

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