29 thoughts on “… beside the seaside, beside the sea

    • It was reasonably quiet on the beach (apart from the kids playground). There are wall-to-wall cafes across the street which were scarily crowded, and Auckland seemed ridiculously busy.
      I have seen (and hugged) the boy; and has fish and chips, though not on the beach. I suggested it yesterday, but T wasnโ€™t keen โ€” until someone arrived next to us with a parcel and the smell was amazing. But by then it was too late.

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      • Ridiculously I am longing for fish and chips! I did manage a beach walk whilst waiting for the car to be serviced and it was very quiet – but that beach is massive when the tide is out. You would really need hundreds of people to make it busy. I personally can’t wait to go to a restaurant or pub for lunch, I am so fed up of thinking of meals every single day and I also want to visit my daughter who is going through a rather tough time at the moment. Plus another grandchild in August!

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        • I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. The separation of families is terrible and it’s so tough being a mum and knowing your children need you. One of my cousins had twins a month ago and she’s really missing not having her mum and dad around.

          I understand you on the eating out/takeaways. T has been doing more cooking here, which has been great. We have had takeaways, but neither of us has felt like going to a cafe yet. After Saturday afternoon when they all seemed packed, I’m happy to wait a bit longer.

          I hope you’ll be able to see your daughter soon.


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