Wordless Wednesday


Close-up. Michael Jones statue (artist Natalie Stamilla), Eden Park, Auckland. Image: Su Leslie 2020


Michael Jones statue (artist Natalie Stamilla), Eden Park, Auckland. Image: Su Leslie 2020

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh, it would be so nice to see a live rugby game right now (on TV, of course) or any kind of live sporting event. I say “any kind” but I don’t care about WWF “wrestling” that’s evidently about all that’s live now or NASCAR. But I’d love to see some hockey or cycling. 🙂 When we moved, we didn’t get cable TV, just kept Netflix and got CBS All Access because the programs we like are mostly on that station. Now of course they’ve run out of episodes because they can’t film. 😦 But if that were the worst problem we faced right now, we’d be even more blessed than we already are.


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    • I confess I am finding the absence of sport on TV quite enjoyable, but I am also happy that our libraries are open again so I can stock up on books in lieu of the fairly boring TV offerings.

      But I know what you mean; pinpricks rather than problems


  2. Oh, for goodness sake. What is wrong with people? Why can’t we just accept that sport as we know it and a lot of other (IMO more important things) are going to have to wait. Like holidays abroad. Or holidays at home. Is it really, truly necessary for everyone to have their summer holiday? When did it become a right? I didn’t go away for years when I was bringing up my kids. Couldn’t afford to. And the last three years we haven’t been anyway because my son was so ill and hospitalised. Such is life. Holidays are a luxury not a necessity. Waiting another year is not going to kill anyone. Allowing foreign travel without quarantine IS. It seems to be that despite all the good that lockdown has shown people about how our planet has improved, most people just want to go back to normal and that includes football / rugby / horse racing / holidays – take your pick!

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