41 thoughts on “Picked, dried, and ready for tea

      • It’s interesting you should say that about keeping scent and taste. I’ve just done a post on lemon balm which I grow. It’s wonderful fresh but whenever I’ve bought the dried leaves, it has proved v. disappointing. Verbena must have lots of good oils. I’ve tried growing it, but it’s susceptible to frost. You’ve inspired me to give it another go though.

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        • When I was wondering what to do with my verbena plant — which was getting quite rampant — I read that it does have better keeping properties and that was the main attraction. I seldom used dried herbs because I find them a bit tasteless, so I’m hoping this will be the exception. I’ll let you know as I try it over the coming weeks/months.

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    • I grow those herbs too, and I’m lucky that the climate here is mild, and I can usually find “cooking quantities” fresh in the garden so I don’t dry them. But verbena dies back over winter and I didn’t want to waste it.

      I do dry some of my herbs mixed with salt, and they are great in cooking and as gifts. And I made tarragon vinegar for the first time this year 😀

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