35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. My husband has just eaten the last jar of a bumper crop of marmalade I made with Seville oranges in January. Typically, it would last longer but with lockdown…..I’m going to have to make him some more. Yours looks just like my homemade marmalade.

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  3. I’m probably the only person living in this world who doesn’t like orange marmalade….. After my 8+yrs in the UK I finally learned that marmalade is exclusively and only ever the ‘confiture’ (preserve) made with oranges. That’s why I don’t quite get your ‘orange’ marmalade. Are there others in NZ? Grapefruit maybe? Lemon? I’m always open to learning new things! 🙂
    It DOES look stunning and I have two sisters who would throw themselves on your goodies…. beware!

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      • That’s all very interesting to (for) me. Now, back in Switzerland, we pay nearly (or over) 1 CHF PER FRUIT. In France, when there was a promotion, I could get 4 or 5 for €2.-…. Grapefruit juice, which I love, especially the pink obne, is very expensive, but was also affordable in France….. So, I won’t cry after Seville oranges but I do miss the most wonderful confitures (preserves in good old Blighty) I could get in France for little money.

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        • I can understand that. My cousin lived in Switzerland for many years, and used to ask visitors from the UK to bring her food and other items that were cheaper there when they visited. I could see her point, but hated filling my luggage with jars of jam and laundry powder.

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          • WHAT? And you did that? I can’t believe that…. We fill our car too with stuff from our friends’ countries, but WE do it and don’t ask them to provide us with our favourite goods. But one dear friend who was met in a fleamarket and then we developped a beautiful friendship, arrived once for a 4 days holiday in our place with 4 breakfast plates from a noble hotel in our former living place, packed up, bolstered with bubblewrap, UNDER HIS WINDBREAKER…. He brought them safely to us on a bus ride to the airport, the flight to us and two transports from the airport to our home….. How can we not love that kind of dedication?! 😉


  4. If I didn’t have to wear a mask for a zillion hours (and pay for a ticket and leave my husband at home), I’d head right over. 🙂 I want to do some baking, but my husband’s been on call days (last week) and nights (this week) so he hasn’t been able to get his daily bike ride in which means no big calorie burn. And if I bake, he will eat, so I’m trying to refrain. But it’s hard!!! I have a bunch of recipes I want to try. “These are the times that try (wo)men’s souls” for sure.


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    • A few small barriers!!

      I understand your reluctance to bake when the exercise routine is disrupted. T isn’t as bad now, but there was a time when baking was eaten almost before it was cold — and he was getting g much more regular exercise then.

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