Friday Flowers


Image: Su Leslie 2020

We woke this morning to frost on the ground and ice on the roof outside our bedroom window. But blue skies beckon and even a short walk in the neighbourhood feels good.


Image: Su Leslie 2020


Image: Su Leslie 2020

30 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Frost ……. and yet you have still those absolutely magnificent roses and blooms? I can’t even…. this is truly miraculous! And also, I could hardly sleep because of the heavy hot and humid air, thunderstorms but only a bit of cool and freshness around 3 or 4 am. Welcome to Europe (Switzerland)

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  2. Camellias always make me think of my grandparents who had a magnificent plant outside their loungeroom window, unfortunately now gone as the entire block was cleared to make way for the usual mansion. These are beautiful. How lucky are we, in the antipodes, to get flowers all year around?

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    • ☹️ I’ve been watching lovely old family homes bulldozed to make way for no-taste McMansions here too. It is so sad and incredibly wasteful. Massive houses with far fewer people than in the modest little homes they replaced. Grrrrr.
      Thank goodness for flowers to improve my mood.

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