Autumnal memory

dried leaves greenhithe 1 july2

Image: Su Leslie

“It was one of those perfect … autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.”  ― P.D. James

Autumn is the perfect time of year to live in New Zealand. The summer humidity abates, the weather settles (apart from the odd tropical cyclone) and the kids go back to school, making it a great time to travel on less crowded roads and stay in less price-inflated accommodation.

This year of course, we spent a large part of the season in lock-down, exploring the neighbourhood not the country. In doing so, I found that my suburb has a lot more deciduous trees than I remembered.


Image: Su Leslie


Image: Su Leslie


Image: Su Leslie

Perfect to photograph — though not so much fun when it’s time to rake up the fallen leaves.


But memory is selective, and for me autumn will always be golden and taste of fresh figs, straight off the tree.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge | Autumn

40 thoughts on “Autumnal memory

  1. It is so hot and humid here these days that fall sounds tempting. But I love summertime and don’t want to wish it away. I know, however, in the winter I will be wishing it were still fall. Winter is my least liked season. Hate the cold, ice, and snow.

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  2. Fabulous images, Su. I love the fresh figs image. I never associated them with autumn, but then again, I have never eaten them fresh before! I imagine they’re delicious. Your perspective is marvelous in that shot.

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