Image: Su Leslie 2020

I’m not a “fashion” person. My wardrobe only contains clothes that I’m comfortable wearing (physically and morally) and could best be described as utilitarian (less kindly as dull).

Except when it comes to scarves (and coats, but that’s a whole other session on the analyst’s couch).

I buy scarves the way I buy art; and for the same reasons. This one came from a work trip to Wellington about 30 years ago, when a male colleague and I found ourselves with time to spare before a meeting. I dragged him into a department store (ignoring the muttering that his wife never made him go shopping) and after about 15 minutes, he found this. I’m still not quite sure if he genuinely thought it would suit me, or if he was just desperate to get away, but I loved it, bought it, and have been wearing it ever since (not constantly, in case you’re wondering).

The fringe is a nuisance; catching in my earrings (my other adornment obsession), but the scarf wouldn’t look nearly as good without it.

Ragtag Daily Prompt | fringe

29 thoughts on “Fringe

  1. I have more scarves than underwear, actually more than any other piece of clothing! Not so many coats more so jackets for outdoor pursuits! The ex-workmate had good taste, and obviously, you do too.

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  2. There is so much truth in this – I’m the same, and I have scarves in every conceivable material, and from ultra cheap to very, very expensive, but every piece has a story to tell and some ‘ended’ up as table cloths, gift wrappings, were made into curtains etc….. you never know – we both might make another find today, or any day now! 😉 I also have a serious problem with fringes, they have already torn out earrings, they get entangled with jewellery, my cello, my hair, the grabbing hands of babies, pet paws…. the list is endless and possession of them is fascinating!

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    • My worst fringe-tangle experience was on the Paris Metro when a scarf got caught in a little skin tag on my neck. Every time I moved my head even a little, it was excruciating. I couldn’t untangle it, and I couldn’t ask anyone to help (even if I had been bold enough my language skills weren’t up to it). I had so sit wincing in pain until I could get off and find a mirror to see what I was doing as I tore the thread away.

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  3. So lovely to learn about these passions, Su (and not just because now I know what to gift you with one soon day I hope 😉)! Love scarves too and have lots, the ones with a story are my favourites like the one I bought in Granada. Yours is truly lovely and I’m sure he didn’t just found this scarf to get you going. 😀 Some items of clothing seem to have magnets on them if not in material than in spirit – does that make any sense? 😄

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