64 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh dear. New Zealand was doing so well!! I’m so sorry, Su. But I’d rather be there than here in the States where we have no national leadership whatsoever and the COVID cases and deaths continue to spiral out of control.

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    • Thank you Hannah. I’m glad to be here, and pleased that the government seems to be acting quickly. Although I am a little anxious — especially for my son, I am more worried about friends and family outside NZ — as I have been for months.

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    • Covid. Five new cases have been detected, that can’t be linked to travel, border control or quarantine facilities. We have to assume there has been some community transmission, so Auckland is locked down and the rest of the country is on a lower level of alert while they try to get a handle on this.

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          • Uch. Interestinly, two days ago I had a conversation with someone about why the US is doing so much worse than other countries (in addition to the miserable excuse for a “leader” we have currently in office). I said that it’s our culture of “rugged individualism” and people believing they can do whatever they want. The person I spoke with said, “But look at NZ—they have done so well, and they also have that rugged individualist culture.” I said, “Yeah, but they’re a small country and have a greater sense of community.” Was I wrong?

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          • Honestly, I’m not sure. I think the key thing is that we are a small country (and a group of islands). Our total population is about 5 million.
            I think that traditionally New Zealand actually had quite a conformist culture and a very strong interventionist government. Even now, after 30 years of Neo-liberal ideologies chipping away at our social structure, we still expect central government to play a big role in our lives. We also have few layers of government (being a small country), so it’s easier to get things done quickly.
            I’m not sure if that answers your question at all. You have really got me thinking!

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    • Thanks Anabel. I had read that Aberdeen was locked down, though I hadn’t realised it was because of the idiot footballers! I’ve just seen the news about the train crash, and have cousins telling me about the flooding in Fife. Horrible times.
      Hope you and John are safe and well.


      • Not entirely footballers, but they didn’t help. The outbreak largely seems to be attached to pubs and 8 Aberdeen players went out drinking together. 2 tested positive and the rest are in isolation. The rules for restarting football games were that they should keep socially distanced! The crash is awful, and seems to be linked to the bad weather on the east coast as it seems the train hit a landslide. Driver, conductor and one passenger have died. The west coast has not been as bad, so we are fine thanks.

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    • Thanks Darren. I do feel very fortunate that the government has acted quickly and decisively. This time around it feels more real and scarier; I guess because the outbreak is so close to home.


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