Friday flowers


The first blossom. Image: Su Leslie 2020

One of the streets in my neighbourhood is lined with Taiwanese cherry trees (Prunus campanulata). I’d heard they were in blossom and decided to check it out on my morning walk.


Image: Su Leslie 2020

I was expecting the explosion of pink that confronted me, but was totally unprepared for the number of tui feasting on the flowers’ nectar.


Tui in a cherry tree. Image; Su Leslie 2020

I’d love to show you what I mean, but was unable to get a shot that really does justice to the masses of these noisy, mischievous birds going crazily feeding.

I’ll try again with a different lens, but in the meantime we can just enjoy the flowers.


Image: Su Leslie 2020


Su Leslie 2020

34 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. I love roads lined with cherry blossom, this one is a particularly vivid pink! And I love Tui birds too, though I never really got a good shot of one in my brief time in your lovely country, so I hope you manage to go back with a different lens and capture them. Just heard you are in lockdown for another 12 days. Hope you have a good stock of flour!! 😂
    (And keep safe of course xx)

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  2. They are beautiful, Su. The second photo reminds me of our Redbud trees. They drop their flowers and make a most beautiful carpet on the ground. I can never walk through it–it’s too pretty, so I walk around it.

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