Not here today #2

‘Angel of the North’, Antony Gormley, 1998. Low Eighton, Gateshead, England. Image: Su Leslie 2013

My mum and I celebrate our birthdays three days apart, and in 2013 we gifted ourselves a wee road trip to the England’s north east.

Antony Gormley’s Angel had been on my must-see list since it was first installed, and close up it is so impressive.

I’m not sure when (if) my mum and I will have another road trip, so this is a memory to cherish.

27 thoughts on “Not here today #2

  1. I know – we visited it several times ‘en passant’ when we drove through that area – it’s hugely inspiring and quite incredible from nearby…. Same as you, I don’t know when we can visit the UK again, we booked (for the first time since our stay there) two full weeks in November last year for June 2020 – all cancelled, all lost and now EVERYBODY driving through France to enter England has to go for 2 weeks in quarantine….

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  2. That’s impressive! My husband and I have birthdays exactly two weeks apart and got married on my half birthday. That way at least one of us remembers the day. 🙂 My brother and one of my husband’s sisters share a birthday, so several birthday coincidences/oddities in our merged families.


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  3. Having caught the people below helps show the scale of this. I haven’t been, but would like to. I hope you and your mum will manage another road trip before too long and am sending you good luck wishes. I used to see road trips as an endurance test but the next one will be a treat. 🙂


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