Not here today #5

Mitchell Library Reading Room, State Library New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Image; Su Leslie

Missing all libraries, not just this beautiful one. Although I can still use the extensive online resources of the Auckland library service, I do miss the pleasure of just going in to browse.

22 thoughts on “Not here today #5

  1. I agree, Su. I’ve only been in the library here once and that was to get my card (before Covid)…right after getting a bank account and opening all our utilities, before we’d even moved. 🙂 I am however, using e-books like a mad fiend and as I still have my card from our Illinois library, I’m in even better shape. I do miss browsing, though, and real books, but can’t complain. I just love to read. Your library is a beauty.


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  2. I know, I know….. I am just glad that I still have some hundreds of books to read – books I bought and haven’t had the time yet to devour…. and which I MUST read now as I’m getting blind and when I’ve read those tomes, I can pass them on, burn them, throw them out, and cry over the loss of something written I won’t be able to read again.


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