A week of glorious sunshine has delivered lots of new growth and flowering in my garden. It’s especially exciting to see the plum blossom, but I think the bees are happiest amongst the borage flowers. You’ll have to take my word for that now — I was up too early to catch any in action.

This week’s Lens-Artists Challenge | Pick a Word offered Growing (amongst others). I thought I was done yesterday with Comfortable — but how could I resist flower photos.

And it’s Friday.


43 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Su, the first image with the rosemary flowers – has this energy with the items pointing right – with a little wave – had me looking there for a while –
    and taking your word for it that those bees were enjoying the many blooms — ahhhh :0)

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  2. I used to grow borage in my garden – lovely plant! Someone once told me it was known as the happiness herb so I used to go out and chew on some borage every once in a while. Don’t know if the borage made me any happier but being in the garden sure did.
    Wonderful photos, Su!


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  3. Gloriously serene and dewy, Su! So glad you could not resist this – flowers must not be neglected. Spring is with you now – growing is essential. Thank you for sharing, much appreciated as we are heading into Autumn here and most flowers are over.

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  4. The calendula bud in the dew is excellent. Borage on the other hand although great for bees and the odd G&T is a thug in my garden and I have to pull out thousands of seedlings each year. Pretty flowers, and a white one is a nice change.

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