Save the date: Thursday 17 September

Virtual Tea Party; an invitation

Yep, it’s nearly time to grab a cuppa (and a few goodies if you feel like it) and head over to mine for a virtual afternoon tea.

I’m having (hopefully minor) surgery — possibly as you’re reading this — so will be spending the next few days recuperating. I tell you this because the quality of the food on offer at the tea party will depend a bit on how I’m feeling.

So be prepared for anything: I might try out the black velvet cake recipe I found, or I could be sending the Big T down the road for a packet of gingernuts.

But whichever way it goes, I hope you’ll join me for a virtual catch-up. I’ll be putting the kettle on sometime next Thursday afternoon and you’ll welcome to join me any time.

38 thoughts on “Save the date: Thursday 17 September

  1. Hope all goes well with your minor surgery, and you’re fit as a fiddle quite soon. (โค๏ธ gingernuts & haven’t had any in ages!) Seriously, Su, you take it easy as long as you need to. Big T might come back with some seriously yummy packets! Meanwhile, you take special care. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  2. I like your new profile pic too! Very sexy! As for gingernuts I have to admit to an addiction for the dark chocolate covered ones. Hope the minor op has gone well and you have a few days to rest with the Big T bringing you lots of cups of recuperative tea.

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  3. Oh no! I feel so bad about not having written you in ages and therefore not known about your surgery (badbad Sarah!). ๐Ÿ™ I’ll try to do so soon, and in the meantime you take good care of yourself and rest, dear friend! Sending you speedy healing wishes and a BIG HUG! โค

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