The sun will come out tomorrow

“Into every life a little rain must fall.” Image: Su Leslie 2018

It’s probably not surprising that sunshine is so often used as a metaphor for joy and positivity. Most life on Earth, including humanity, is dependent on the energy of our Sun.

So we describe people as “a ray of sunshine” or as having “a sunny disposition.” Stevie Wonder sang “you are the sunshine of my life, while Morecambe and Wise often signed off at the end of their show with “Bring me Sunshine (in your smile)

“You are my sunshine.” Image: Leslie family archive.

The flip-side of course is our use of rain and cloud metaphors. My mother’s fond of the phrase “a face like a wet weekend” and I’ve always liked Billy Bragg’s “a little black cloud in a dress.” (Must I Paint you a Picture).

A face clouded. Image: Su Leslie 2018

And when we want to offer hope in bad times, we promise sunshine after the storm.

… if you hang on for a while longer, there is always something bright around the corner, or the dark clouds will go away and there will be sunshine again. – Charles M. Schulz

Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. — Lord Byron

Lens Artists Photo Challenge | The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

50 thoughts on “The sun will come out tomorrow

  1. such a beautiful ‘collection’ – one I occupy myself very often too – and when I was very young and lived in Canada for a while, I had a slightly older friend from work who always sang You are my sunshine to her young kid…. memories!

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  2. Your son has a lovely smile. The last photo really captures that stormy sky about to clear to some sunshine. For some reason we are having a rerun of summer. Temperatures are in the 20’sC and the sun shines everyday. You’d never know winter is right around the corner.
    Have a good one Su.
    Leslie xoxo

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