32 thoughts on “Lights, camera … ready for Christmas photoshoot

  1. Our town ones are up but not lit yet. It’s always beautiful to walk through Tavira on a December night. 🙂 🙂 A friend brought me a poinsettia in a pot yesterday. Always synonymous with Christmas for me. Have a good weekend, Su!

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  2. I was going to say that you are early, but I read the other comments. On the other hand my Aussie grandsons have their tree up already! Far too early I think, and actually I never have seen the relevance of a Victorian tradition (the fir tree) in southern hemisphere countries. It just does not look right in a blazing summer! But your little stars are lovely and the photo is beautifully composed. We don’t bother any more with Christmas, cards or trees or decorations. Instead we donate to charities that help people at this time of year to get a shower or a hot meal.

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    • I have the same struggle with northern hemisphere (Victorian) traditions in the sweltering heat of an Antipodean summer. We used to have a tree when the boy was little, but these days T and I don’t bother. We do put lights up though because we both like them.

      I’d pretty much given up on cards, but this year it feels that so much of life has been lived online, I wanted to send something physical. Given the cost of postage (which I discovered yesterday), it could be a one-off 🤔

      We’ve traditionally supported the City Mission at Xmas, and will do so this year too. But I also learned about a charity that’s distributing donated new books to kids through the Mission and Women’s Refuge, so instead of buying books for us, we’ve gifted copies of our favourites to that. It satisfied my love of book-shopping, supports an independent book seller and local authors — and puts books in the hands of kids who wouldn’t get them otherwise. I love simple things like that which do good in multiple ways.

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      • We really are so alike! I love the idea of donating books. Books are so essential. I usually send my grandsons a book for Christmas – one about Cornwall so something they won’t be able to get in Australia, but this year has been so difficult in sourcing them – my usual shops haven’t been open and the bookshop I did manage to visit didn’t have what I wanted – they have to be paperback because of the cost of postage. I haven’t quite given up, but they certainly won’t arrive in time for Christmas.

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        • I used to send books to my UK nieces and nephews, but the postage from here is so exhorbitant I resorted to sending their parents money and letting them choose (rather than patronising Amazon). But I read recently that independent booksellers in the UK have set up on a few different platforms to provide an alternative, so I’ll try that. Not the Kiwi books I want to send, but books nonetheless.
          Good luck with your quest. 🙂


  3. Su–this is beautiful! Out downtown turned on the Christmas lights last night but it was raining too hard to drive there. And today is Small Business Saturday, so we will get there.
    The bokeh is beautiful! More practice for me…

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    • I do like Xmas lights. I read yesterday that one of the best displays we have in Auckland has been cancelled this year because of Covid. Understandable, given how any people would go to visit it.


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