Save the date: Thursday 17th December

Virtual Tea Party; an invitation

As it’s the final tea-party of 2020 — and to thank you all for embracing this wacky idea of mine — I’ve been busy baking a few extra goodies for us.

I’m letting you know in plenty of time to work up an appetite, and I might even manage a preview next week!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 17th.

15 thoughts on “Save the date: Thursday 17th December

  1. oooh lovely! I have, however, already forgotten if I was present at your last one…. The post with the hot tea and yummy stuff might have passed me by, me thinks. I blame WP wholeheartedly. Some days I only get a fraction of the postings, others I get it all but it’s all jammed up in the reader…. But please do count me in!


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