Travel Photo no. 2

Sunset, Bolte Bridge, Melbourne, Australia. Image: Su Leslie 2019

Brian at Bushboy’s World invited me to join him and other bloggers posting a travel photo a day for ten days.

The deal is I also invite someone else each day to join in too. I know how busy many of your blog schedules are, so I am always a bit loathe to nominate people.

But … many of you have travelled much more than me and have wonderful archives to dip in to …and I do really enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.

So Sue (WordsVisual), if you feel like it and have time, I’m inviting you today. Ping-back to this post so I’m sure to see yours.

16 thoughts on “Travel Photo no. 2

  1. Su, IF I had a blog, I ‘d join in a flash, but I don’t….
    What I do however, is revisiting the photos I took, consult my self-made calendars and re-view my mind”s memories. The pics taken with my inner eye are still the best, even if they are a bit ‘flour (blurry)….

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  2. That’s a lovely calming image for troubled times. And Sue is a good choice. A clever challenge, this one of Bushboy’s. If everyone plays along as required,. the entire blogging community will eventually be involved!

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