31 thoughts on ““… tak a cup o kindness yet”

  1. Your channeling my vibe, friend! I ordered a gorgeous ceramic mug from a potter off of Etsy about a month ago and I just ordered a second from another potter. During this crazy time where we are cooped up so much, I am finding things that usually are quite insignificant – like the mug that I’m drinking out of – bring me comfort :-). Thanks for sharing the beauty.

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    • I’m so glad you like them. I am a bit obsessive about stuff like the mug I drink from, the pen I use, etc. I love using beautiful, well-crafted things. Good for their makers as well; I suspect some small craft businesses are benefiting from our new need for small joys in our lives.

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      • I agree! I am truly loving buying from artisans rather than big chains. A special satisfaction and helping support someone who is doing what they love. And I used to be much like you. When I slow down, I still am. I am very affected by my environment and what surrounds me. It’s just that I think I sometimes get caught up in the flurry of making a living. And I forget that it’s all about making a life :-).

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