The colour brown

Crunchy Anzac biscuits and a cup of tea. Image: Su Leslie

Brown is not a colour I think of much when I’m taking photos, unless it’s autumn and I’m obsessing about falling leaves.

Image: Su Leslie

But it’s the colour of the month at Jude’s Life in Colour photo challenge. And when I looked in my photo archive, I found more than I’d expected.

There was food (naturally).

Image: Su Leslie

Image: Su Leslie

Image: Su Leslie

And art.

Stay, by Antony Gormley. One of two sculptures created for the city of Christchurch, NZ, post-2011 earthquake. Image: Su Leslie

Bernar Venet, '88.5° ARC x 8'. Seen at Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park, Kaipara, NZ. Image: Su Leslie, 2015

88.5° ARC x 8, Bernar Venet, Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park, Kaipara, NZ. Image: Su Leslie

(Detail) Tip, John Radford, Western Park, Ponsonby, NZ. Image: Su Leslie

Informal Still Life. Seen at Bushey Park, Whanganui. Image: Su Leslie

And small treasures in the natural world.

Cicada shell. Image: Su Leslie

Driftwood, Castlecliff beach, Whanganui, NZ. Image: Su Leslie

Image: Su Leslie

If you’d like to join in (even belatedly like me), pop over to Travel Words and read Jude’s introduction.

40 thoughts on “The colour brown

  1. I really liked the grilled bread and the picture of brick ends. Very striking. The jar of onions was a tad disturbing until I realized they weren’t eyeballs. I can’t say I would have quite so many images of brown pictures in my collection. I tend to aim for the brightly colored objects around me. Though, there is the river/falls up in Paradise, Michigan that is root beer colored. I remember taking oodles of pictures when I was there. Ahh, memories of when I actually trusted my child near a waterfall long enough to take a picture. (He was small and on a leash at the time. It gave me a false sense of security where he was concerned.)

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    • Hehe. I thought they looked a bit like eyeballs too — and I chose the shot that looked the least like them!
      I thought I was all about bright colours too until I looked through my photos. But since beer and bread (and pickled onions) figure heavily in my diet, brown food was always going to be easy to find 🙂

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  2. Not late at all as the colour brown runs for the whole month and we’ll worth waiting for. Such an amazing collection here Su and all so beautifully photographed. No favourite; they are fantastic. Well maybe the onions, I love pickled onions, but would never have thought to photograph them!

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  3. A beautiful tribute to brown! Also, I’ve actually had Anzac cookies before, which is so funny because I had never heard of them before but the cook at a school I used to work for is from South Africa and he shared the story behind the cookies! Tasty.

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  4. I love your opening line: “Brown is not a colour I think of much when I’m taking photos”.

    It reminds me to something my mother bemoans about Peranakan cooking (her heritage cuisine) – everything is brown and so difficult to make look beautiful. Which is why she made a challenge to use green & red garnishes, and colourful ceramics to brighten up her table.

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