41 thoughts on “Fish and chips for lunch today

    • Makes me realise how fortunate weโ€™ve been. But people have become so complacent here; our scientists are starting to really sound the warning that weโ€™re only a small slip-up away from another outbreak โ˜น๏ธ


        • We’ve currently got nearly 4,500 arrivals from overseas in managed isolation. Our epidemiologists are worried that with the new strains, the system itself isn’t robust enough — and that’s without the almost inevitable slip-ups. Plus, we’ve apparently got very complacent about contact tracing, sanitizing, etc. We’re still way better off than many countries, but what this whole thing has shown is how quickly the situation can change.

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  1. Delish, Su, and brings back bittersweet memories. There was a upscale grocery store with restaurant and bar just a few blocks from us in Illinois and on Fridays they would have the most delicious fish and chips. The chips were the kind that are just slices of potato fried crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. We’d meet our best friend couple there quite often and you could order from the bar or restaurant menus and eat in their cozy bar area. They also had a wonderful beer selection and if you bought a bottle of wine from them, they’d pour it for you with no corkage free. I do miss that place (gone now) and those friends (not gone, but still in Illinois.)


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